9/12/01the first day of the new era.    

About Theatre9/12 for the Actor

Theatre9/12 is created for Seattle’s trained and working actors, both union and non-union, who long to develop their talents and skills through workshops and performance.

Invited Theatre9/12 members take the Company Class between projects on a purely “pay what you can” basis.

Workshops will be selected specifically for the Seattle working actor and taught by credentialed professionals.

Theatre9/12 is not a conservatory or program, but a theatre-affiliated workspace for professional actors to:

  1. Continue artistic growth between projects,

  2. Develop craft in workshops

  3. Expand skills by playing roles not offered

  4. Prepare auditions

  5. Utilize this growth through productions.

As a “teaching theatre,” Theatre9/12 actors will unite traditional acting styles fathered by Stanislavsky with modern techniques developed through generations of disciples. The early abandoned experiments with “affective memory” and emotional recall will not be used, favoring rather the emphasis on creative imagination, physical embodiment of the given circumstances, manifestation of the play’s largest themes, and affective inspiration chosen to stimulate passion.

About Theatre9/12 for the Audience  

After the shock the world experienced on 9/11/01, every creative artist was summoned to fulfill the traditional responsibility to heal and  lift humanity to:

  1. Understand this new time,

  2. Make order of perceived chaos,

  3. Reassess complacent values, and

  4. Heal the past to embrace a progressive step forward.

Each Theatre9/12 performance is an Equity Member Project and attended by “donation only” tickets in Seattle’s “pay what you can” tradition every night.

Theatre9/12 company members choose plays that challenge audiences through thought-provoking plays having relevant themes to today’s issues.

Theatre9/12 company members perform in contemporary, classic, musical, international, and original plays interpreting them for their universality and social, political and/or psychological relevancy.

Theatre9/12 utilizes “all” Seattle’s talented actors both professional and non-professionals.