Ibsen’s only comedy, and a Seattle premiere

"The talented cast is able to uphold Ibsen's reputation of universality as the production (with the help of Jeffrey Hatcher's adaptation) fit seamlessly into America's current discussion of gun violence...It was no suprise that I was impressed by the talent of every actor I saw on stage...a grand finale of the characters' hilarioius and ridiculous behavior which contributed to the play's overall humor...Though over 150 years old, this play carries timeless issues which Theatre9/12 showcases through their talented actors and simplistic sets.  Activists, those passionate about gun violence, and Ibsen fans alike will enjoy this production."

    Nicholas Burks—DramaInTheHood

Sounds like something from our government today but no, I'm referring to Henrik Ibsen's play, as adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, "The League of Youth", currently being offered from Theatre9/12, examining the goings on in a small town in Norway, 1869. I guess political corruption has been around as long as there has been politics...Theatre9/12 boasts themselves as an actor's collective who meets weekly with these works to hone their craft and you can certainly see the work they put in with their full productions...With my three-letter rating system, I give Theatre9/12's production of "The League of Youth" a YAY-. Everyone needs to dive into that deep end. The water's lovely out there.”

    Jay Irwin—Broadway World


Robert Alan Barnett, Margaret Bicknell*, Zandi Carlson, Sara Claflin, Rachel D. Pate*, Michael Ramquist, Tom Ryan, Ryan St. Martin, Tom Stewart.

Stage Manger: Michael LoSasso

Music Design: Mario Gomez

Costume Design: Kyleigh Archer

Lighting Design: Lily Mcleod

Director: Charles Waxberg

A young liberal, frustrated by the cronyism of politics, schemes, romances and manipulates in his fervor for power creating a "League of Youth" to lobby against the establishment. Ibsen's only comedy, and the most popular play of his lifetime, The League of Youth caused rioting in the streets: conservatives claimed it was an attack on their party, and liberals claimed it was an attack on theirs!

Photos by MICHAEL BRUNK, NwLens