The center of virtually all theatre is the script. Every actor, designer, technician, and director begins with a copy of these words on pages deliberately underwritten to inspire choices for other artists to develop. The closer an actor’s choices are made in collaboration with the script, the stronger the performance and success of the production.

SCRIPT ANALYSIS is the process of how an actor uses a script. A playwright consciously and unconsciously suggests strong choices and offers clues to characterization, dramatic tension, and the greatest themes of the play or film. The actor’s job is to translate these clues into playable actions, observable characters, and theatrical conflict. This workshop teaches a foundation of how this may be accomplished.

This is not a “discussion” class, but a dynamic workshop of exercises and short scene-work designed to merge the analytical side of script work with the active creativity of performance. Based on the book The Actor’s Script—Script Analysis for Performers currently in its 9th printing, participants will fortify their understanding of beats, characterization, background, given circumstances, dramatic conflict, styles, and the largest themes (or “ruling ideas” as Stanislavsky preferred) that make entertaining performance into great theatre.

View an excerpt of the The Actor’s Script.

Script Analysis Workshop Details

  1. TBA

  2. 16 Actors maximum

  3. 8 week workshops

  4. Suggested fee: $180 per month