This period “play of excavation” reveals a Depression Era physician and his wife who attempt to adopt the infant son of a Russian woman desperate to give her child a shot at the American Dream glittering impossibly beyond her grasp.



photos by Michael Brunk NW Lens


CYNTHIA GEARY (Blithe Spirit)

COLLEEN CAREY (Duty, Honor, Profit, The Cherry Orchard)

ERIC OLSON (Cherry Orchard, Everything in the Garden, Blithe Spirit)

JOEY FECHTEL (Suddenly Last Summer)

DAVID S. KLEIN (Jason and Medea)

and introducing MONICA FINNEY


"Excellent acting...quite compelling, inspiring conversation long after one has left the theatre!" --Stefan DW, Sunbreak

"It isn't often Seattle audiences see a creative risk like this turn out so spectacularly!"

--Marie Bonfils, Drama-in-the-Hood

"'What’s this about?' you’ll ask yourself, as you try to unravel the plot and gradually put the pieces of this compelling story together." --Nancy Worssam, ArtStage