"Marvelously funny yet intellectually rich exploration of

truth....The subject is so rich. Pirandello is a master in his

explorations of it, and Waxberg's adaptation and production seem

particularly relevant in this our age of fake news.... Inevitably

great theatre by good actors, presented modestly: you'll find the

actors in this current play live up to the standards set in past


--Nancy Worssam, ARTSTAGE

"You Are Right, If You Think is yet another gift bestowed to Seattle

from this talented organization....Waxberg has adapted and directed a

thought-provoking new production based on Cosi e (se vi pare).  Here

ideas concerning the nature of truth and the importance of respecting

our basic humanity and individualism are handled within a dramatic

mystery befalling a small seaside community. Waxberg's troop lays out

the tale with admirable focus and skill."

--Alan Sydney, DRAMA-IN-THE-HOOD

"Theatre9/12 presents a delightful and streamlined adaptation of "You Are Right, If You Think" that packs a punch in a humble environment. Charles Waxberg's adaptation of this gossipy romp is pure, classic fun...This is a show that feels like it really set out to entertain, and it does. For this thoughtful, humble production packed with joy and silliness, I give Theatre9/12's "You Are Right, If You Think" a tickled A-. You will have a good time at this show, and that's the truth.

--Amelia Reynolds, BROADWAY WORLD

"We have wry comic performances from most of the actors and they’re all wearing rather wonderful mid-century costumes. The pace is brisk  and while the plot is at times a bit confusing (which is the point of the play) it moves along aided by the performances from the cast... For hardcore theater fans interested in a wide variety of theater from all eras, it’s very much worth checking out, if only for the topicality of the subject matter.

--Michael Strangeways, SEATTLE GAY SCENE


Michael Oaks

Lisa Carswell*

Zandi Carlson

Benjamin Nickols

Meredith Binder

Michael Ramquist

Mary Bayley

Eric Smiley

Susan Echols-Ortin

Buddy Todd

Margaret Bicknell*

Laura Bannister

      *member Actors’ Equity Association

Production Team:

CHARLES WAXBERG – Director, Adapter

PAUL O'CONNELL – Dramaturg, Producing Director


MARIO GOMEZ - Sound and Music Designer

KYLEIGH ARCHER - Costume Designer