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Artistic Director: Charles Waxberg

Artistic Associate: Terry Edward Moore

Producing Director: Paul O'Connell                   (206) 332-7908

A world premiere that starts you laughing and leaves you thinking!

"Playwright Charles Waxberg wrote this incredible script that wrestles with profound issues of scientific ethics as well as existential ones, with all the seriousness of the great philosophers and theologians, accentuated with wit and humor, in sophisticated dialogue...Often times hilarious, often times disturbing, but always profound, two siblings confront some of the limitations of science, of its ethics, and play power games. Each are entrenched in their own positions and along the way their views on evolutionary biology and its relationship to “otherness” is explored. It is also highly topical, in a way one would not expect from the title...I highly recommend Vaxed; it is so stimulating that it asks more questions than it answers."                 

--DramaInTheHood, Marie Bonfils

"Charles Waxberg's new play, Vaxed, is not shy about tackling a huge question...The two actors do a fine job with their characters and are believable as brother and sister, their dialogue is suitably intellectual for scientists...But it is "real" theater again — and it's ready for you to sit and enjoy. And it could provide a fruitful argument on the way home."  

--Seattle Gay News

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VAXED is a continuous, real time, play scrutinizing racism but without enemies, promulgation, didacticism or reproach. The 3a.m. conflict between two renowned scientists, brother and sister, aims to stimulate thought and conversation post performance as audiences identify and imagine themselves facing those characters’ final choices.

Directed by Paul O’Connell (Seminar, Death of the Maiden) and featuring Cynthia Geary (Blithe Spirit, Death and the Maiden, Emmy Award nominee) and Theatre9/12 member Tyler Scowcroft (Six Degrees of Separation), VAXED—which is often comedic as the siblings attempt scientific rationale at a high-emotion crossroad—“is deceptively constructed like a stepped laboratory experiment,” Mr. O’Connell observes.